Image Journeys: The Warburg Institute and a British Art History

Image Journeys accompanies the exhibition ‘Bilder Auf Wanderscaft’ that took place at the Zentralinstitut fur Kunstgeschichte in Munich in 2019. The book describes the archival elements to the 1941 photographic exhibition, English Art and the Mediterranean, that was a ground breaking photographic survey of Britain’s relationship to European and Mediterranean culture. The Warburg Institute, as a refugee organisation, made this exhibition as a part of the war effort. It travelled to 20 destinations in the UK and was seen by over 20,000 people. This was groundbreaking for a number of reasons; this was the first proper survey of its type of ‘English’ art and it was an early example of an academic organisation searching for new audiences. The book details the archival objects related to the exhibition, its publication and it’s wider context.

Published in 2019 by Dietmar Klinger Verlag, Passau. Edited by Johannes von Muller, Joanne Anderson and Mick Finch, ISBN 978-3-86328-171-7

With the essays:

Exposition Imaginairre. On Warburg’s use of display panels by
Anke te Hessen

“under the most difficult circumstances” Exhibitions at the Warburg Institute, 1939-45 by Johannes von Muller

Cultural Life and Politics in Wartime Britain by Joanne W. Anderson

The Improbability of National Art Histories by Andreas Beyer

An Englishness for English Art in the 21st Century by C. Oliver O’Donnell

An Exhibition’s Legacy: Fritz Saxl, Kenneth Clark and John Berger by Mick Finch

How to educate the world: UNESCO’s Human Rights Exhibition Album (1950) as an educational device by Fabian Roderer